Jeezy has some new music for the people. The Atlanta rapper offers up a fresh anthem called "Gotta Be a Man," which is part of the soundtrack for the television show Saints and Sinners. The new series premiered earlier this month on Bounce TV and follows the conflicts of members of a Baptist church in Georgia.

"Gotta Be a Man" sees Jeezy rapping about falling victim to some temptation. The "Go Getta" rapper admits that he might succumb to some of his vices, but that it's all part of God's plan. Jeezy looks at it as simply part of being a man.

Jeezy's not the only big name involved in the Saints and Sinners soundtrack. Big Boi, Kelly Price and Lecrae are among the other notables appearing on the project, which drops March 25.

In the midst of the presidential election season, plenty of citizens are taking stands for the candidates they do and do not support. Jeezy's one of the many people who has spoken out against Donald Trump. The Atlanta rhymer did so in an interview on CNN a few months back.

"Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, right now to me, are class acts in my book,” Jeezy said. “You got someone like Donald Trump. Whether he wins or loses, Trump is doing this for his brand. You’re sitting back watching someone who should have been out of the race a long time ago based on his actions and everything he does bumps him up in the race because people love it. This is America, we love entertainment. This is no different than his reality show."

If you want to know who else isn't a fan of the Donald, check out XXL's list of rappers who have dissed Donald Trump.

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