Jeezy is following Kanye West's footsteps and proclaiming his power as a divine being. The rapper releases a new song called "God" along with an inspirational open letter addressing his "concerns and frustrations" with communities around the world.

Over rattling production by TM88 and Southside, Jeezy makes a strong statement by announcing "I'm a God in the hood, n----" on the track. He continues to lay down the rules. "This is hood royalty, no matter how broke, a rich n---- never ever compromise your loyalty," he delivers.

The new effort will be featured on the ATL native's forthcoming eighth album, due Nov. 13. The project will serve as a follow-up to his 2014 LP, Seen It All: The Autobiography. With the release of "God" also comes a very candid open letter Jeezy penned to share his feelings on law enforcement, black males turning to crime and achieving goals.

"With the poverty level at an all time high, it’s damn near impossible for one to take care of him or herself without the possibility of prison or death. You have law enforcement officials gunning down unarmed black men. You have misinformed young men gunning down unarmed women, children and men in churches, movie theaters and public events. There’s a war going on, but you have to ask yourself, who is the enemy?" he writes.

When it comes to crime-ridden neighborhoods, Jeezy feels like it's a dead end street when residents are just fighting to live. " They ask us why we hustle? To feed our families; to take care of our households; to pay our bills on time. Just like any other American. The only problem is there’s not enough jobs and opportunities for everyone," Jeezy continues. "As a matter of fact, people are being laid off at an alarming rate."

Perhaps the most motivational words he shares in his missive is in reminding people to think bigger than what is in front of them. "We are all Gods in our own right. We all have the ability and the power to change the things around us," Pastor Young states. "We all have the ability to affect lives; to raise our sons and daughters to become Kings and Queens; Leaders and Prophets. To make a difference on Earth while they are here... Dreams don’t expire -- they just multiply and if yours dreams don’t scare, then you ain’t dreaming BIG enough…"

Read Jeezy's honest words and listen to "God" below.

Listen to Jeezy's "God"

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