When you’re alone on a giant spaceship sailing through the outer limits, how do you pass the time? Is it by swimming in the ship’s luxurious pool, only to have the power go out and the gravity turn off and get caught in a weightless maelstrom while you drown, stuck in a giant water balloon bubble with no one to call for help? On second thought, that doesn’t sound very relaxing at all, but it’s exactly what happens to Jennifer Lawrence in this newly released clip from the upcoming Passengers.

The clip above shows off some really impressive special effects work with the water animation, and yet another outside shot of that gorgeously designed, if faulty, spaceship. If anything, this clip introduces more questions than answers. Why does the spaceship, which is supposed to transport a bunch of people across a galaxy while they’re asleep, have all these amenities? It’s not like anyone would be awake to use them, right?

As we know, in the movie Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt (who is no help at all in this clip, but will hopefully show up to turn the gravity back on in the nick of time) play two space travelers on a luxury spaceship headed to a new world. Because faster-than-light travel is not yet a thing, the ship is going to take a lot of time to get there. The passengers onboard are frozen in suspended animation, scheduled to wake up decades later as soon as the ship safely touches down on the ground of their new planet, but something goes wrong, and Lawrence and Pratt’s characters, for some reason, wake up 90 years before their due date. But was their waking up due to simply a glitch in the system, or did it happen for a reason?

Passengers opens in theaters December 21.

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