Thursday will officially revert back to JERZDAY tonight (April 5) on MTV, when seven of the stars of Jersey Shore will return to TV Screens for the premiere of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Jenni "JWOWW" Farley, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Pauly D, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Deena Nicole Cortese, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Vinny Guadagnino will shack up together for the first time since Jersey Shore went off the air in 2012, and if their previous escapades are any indication, a month-long vacation in Miami is sure to get a little wild.

The Jersey Shore origin series, which premiered at the tail-end of 2009, was proof that New Jersey's finest guidos and guidettes had massive pop culture appeal — the show was a ratings giant for MTV, lasted for six seasons and amounted to a seres of spinoffs including Snooki & JWOWW, The Pauly D Project and The Show With Vinny.

So what was it about this crew of muscle-heads and tanned beauty queens that stirred up such a phenomenon?

Well, from the show's very first season, each Seaside Heights, New Jersey tenant proved he or she brought something captivating to the table — Ronnie and Sammi Giancola (who's decided not to return for the reunion) supplied relentless drama, Deena and Pauly D made for reliable comedic relief and, of course, Snooki — who spent summers steeped in perpetual blackouts — was something to behold (we'll never forget "WHERE'S THE BEACH?").

Below, we've compiled a list of each housemate's most infamous moment (or series of moments) across the show's original three-year run so that you can properly prepare for the group's homecoming. Check 'em all out, and share your favorite Jersey Shore memory in the comments.

  • Snooki: 'Where's The Beach?'

    Yup, though she was staring at the coast, Snooki got so drunk during Season 3 that she kept loudly pleading "Where's the beach?!" Eventually, she made such a scene that cops were forced to arrest her, and while she temporarily tempered her drinking, she eventually deferred back to old habits.

  • Deena: Falling, Constantly

    What goes up, must go down — especially in the case of Deena Nicole Cortese. Deena's most infamous moment wasn't so much a moment as it was a downward plummet in perpetuity, and across all seasons on which she appeared.

  • Mike: Bashing His Head Into the Wall

    During the gang's outing to Italy in Season 4, Mike found himself in a heated confrontation with Ronnie. The most crushing blow for Mike, though, came from a wall, and when Mike tried to intimidate Ronnie by head-butting what he thought was drywall, he wound up on the floor — he'd bashed his head into cement.

  • Ronnie: Season 3 Ronpocalypse

    Ronnie and Sammi's on-and-off relationship brought drama to nearly each Jersey Shore season, but none more than Season 3, when Ron went so insane, he tore Sammi's room apart in the thick of an argument.

  • JWOWW: Punching Mike (+ Sammi)

    JWOWW's loyal to a fault — and in Season 1, she proved that fault was occasionally putting up the dukes. During a group trip, Jenni found herself at odds with Mike after "The Situation" began mocking Snooki, and silenced him by walloping him on the chin.

    JWOWW went rounds with Sammi, too, in Season 3.

  • Pauly D: Coining the Catchphrases

    From 'Cabs are here!' to 'T-Shirt time,' Pauly D made his mark on Seaside Heights and surrounding townships by serving as a one-man catchphrase generator. You could always count on him to keep things fun.

  • Vinny: Inventing the Grenade Whistle

    Louder than a foghorn directing wayward ships, Vinny's grenade whistle boomed, and the tool's Season 1 introduction made quite an impact. When a guy brought a *cough* less-than-desirable date back to the house, Vinny's whistle would blow, and the transgression would be relayed to the better part of the shoreline.

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