Jimmy Kimmel voiced his opinion on the killing of Cecil the Lion and nailed it!

Jimmy Kimmel hosts one of the most popular night shows in the country and instead of talking about pop culture and TMZ stories, he decided to take 4+ minutes out of his show to address the killing of Cecil the Lion. Now although there's going to be comments stating that there's more important things to talk about, Kimmel does make a great point and I think this killing of an innocent animal does need to be discussed. Trophy hunting is disgusting and does nothing to "control the animal population" as some people have argued.

There's a big difference between population control and killing an animal for it's fur, head, or antlers. The Minesota dentist who paid $55,000 to bribe wildlife guards to kill Cecil the lion for his head should be punished. This isn't the first time this idiot has paid to kill animals for their fur or heads. He's boasted about killing polar bears, bison, grizzly bears, cougars and many other animals.

Trophy hunting happens all the time in Northern Michigan. Nothing pisses me off more than to see a deer missing its head because some jackass just wanted it's antlers. You're a sick human being if you think that is acceptable to kill an animal for its parts and leave it's body. Hunting to provide food for your family is a necessity for some families.

End rant. Check out Kimmel's response below.