Jimmy Kimmel has a special talent of finding some of the most gullible people on the planet. In a new clip for Jimmy Kimmel Live, the popular TV show host tricks Kanye West "fans" with fake Yeezys.

In the three-minute video, Kimmel pokes fun at the exorbitant price of the new Yeezy Boost 750 Chocolate. Kimmel's team buys cheap sneakers and glues a compass and some fur on the shoes (a total cost of $14 per pair to make), and then they proceed to call the made-up shoe the "Yeezy Boost 2000." They then set up a kiosk at a shopping area and get stupid reactions from passersby.

Every single person featured in the clip sounds ridiculous. They all believe the shoe is 100 percent authentic, and one woman is even tricked into believing the shoe gets smaller by pushing the compass in the center of the sneaker's tongue. Another guy, upon being told that the shoelaces are edible, bites the laces and says they taste "pretty good." Hollywood, man.

You can watch the hilarious video above via YouTube. For more Jimmy Kimmel, check out this recent interview with Action Bronson, in which Bam Bam discusses his favorite meal ever. When Kimmel asks Bronson to name his most memorable meal, the Blue Chips rapper hesitates, because he’s had so many delicious plates throughout his 32 years of living. However, he ultimately hones in on a recent visit to the Tokyo restaurant "Les Créations de Narisawa," which was an experience Bronsolino had “never felt before in [his] life.”

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