With exactly three weeks until American citizens will make their way to the polls to cast their ballots on Election Day, the upcoming 2020 election has already proven itself to be one of the most crucial moments in history. Now, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate for vice president, Senator Kamala Harris, have joined forces with the Ultimate Rap League (URL) to emphasize the importance of voting on Nov. 3 in a unique and untraditional, yet conceivable manner.

On Tuesday (Oct. 13), the Biden-Harris campaign unveiled the Ultimate Rap League Biden GOTV (Get Out the Vote) Battle Rap featuring veteran MCs DNA and Charlie Clips. Both rappers can be seen in the four-minute campaign ad utilizing their superlative lyricism as they dissect why it's imperative to vote next month. DNA plays the part of a friend schooling Charlie Clips on the importance of voting.

"So, when you tell me to go and vote, go and vote/Well, the reason why it's such a hard one/’Cause how we expect our people to get jobs and the president can't even get the job done," Charlie Clips spits to DNA halfway through the campaign ad.

While the initial scene of the ad takes place on a basketball court in Washington, D.C., near Howard University, the visual later transitions to the two men standing feet away from the White House.

"So, you think because you brought me here that I'm just supposed to confide in Biden?/What about the innocent Blacks that get snatched out of their car just for riding?/We don't even ask for much/All we do is ask for respect/Before they did what they did to George Floyd/This country had they foot on our necks/Now, do you understand why I'm upset?" Clips rhymes.

"I feel you/’Cause every time we throw the system a uppercut, all they give us in return is low blows/But Biden and Harris got a plan to outlaw the chokehold/It's inspiring/Donald Trump is The Apprentice/But now it's our turn to do the firing," DNA responds off the top of the dome.

Charlie Clips, a well-known battle rapper with an unmatched quick-witted rhyming style, also starred on the improv comedy competition show Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out for seven seasons. The Harlem native performed at the BET Hip-Hop Awards in 2015, as well. Not to mention, he's also a part of Cannon's roster on the actor-mogul's Ncredible Entertainment record label.

As for DNA, born Eric St. John, his lyrical prowess has undeniably earned him his stripes as a master in the battle rap game. The Queens MC set the tone at the 2019 BET Hip-Hop Awards, winning the event's first-ever battle rap contest, taking home the $25,000 grand prize. He is also the founder of the battle rap collective NWX. Aside from the rap game, he's also amassed success penning jingles for the NFL, NBA, ESPN, STARZ and more.

His role in the Ultimate Rap League GOTV Battle Rap campaign ad was to make an impact for those watching. "For me, I felt like it would be not only a positive thing, but also an impactful thing to use my talent and my words for a great cause, which is having everybody vote," DNA tells XXL on his decision to participate in the Biden-Harris campaign ad. "Especially in these times with the president that we have right now...and everything that's happening in 2020."

Kamau Marshall, Director of Strategic Communications for Biden for President said in a statement, "Our collaboration with the Ultimate Rap League is an example of how our campaign is taking innovative approaches to engage the diverse communities across the United States. These artists are influencers within their respective communities, and we’re thrilled to showcase their artistry while delivering a key message to voters about how a Biden-Harris administration would advance Black America."

Check out the Ultimate Rap League GOTV Battle Rap campaign ad for Joe Biden for President featuring Charlie Clips and DNA below.

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