Jordan Peele is still raking in the accolades and offers after Get Out, and if you’re worried the former Key & Peele comic will stay behind camera, there’s good cause. A new interview sees Peele suggesting his sketch comedy career is over, leaving only a bleak future of unimaginable directorial success. Life is hard!

Peele spoke to The Hollywood Reporter (h/t Vulture) of the breakout success behind Get Out, and what it might mean for his own future projects, as well as the industry as a whole. The onetime MADtv star previously made a career of sketch comedy alongside Keegan-Michael Key, upsetting Dave Chappelle with the success of their five-season Comedy Central series, though Peele now believes his future lies primarily offscreen.

Asked about his near-SNL casting, Peele explained that the days of wigs and accents were likely behind him:

I had to turn it down because of contractual reasons [with MADtv]. That was brutal. But it was also a great lesson for me: During the lowest times, the best things can be born. That’s when I started asking myself questions that led to writing Get Out.

Have you practiced impersonating Donald Trump?

No. I’m sure I’d have a fun time doing it if I did, but I’m happy to not be in sketch comedy right now.

Is your sketch comedy career over?

Yes. I want to focus on writing, directing and producing.

That shift in Peele’s output has already named him director of the year at CinemaCon, and potentially placed him as a frontrunner to direct a live-action Akira, if not other projects. Keegan-Michael Key had suggested a possible return to Key & Peele in the future, though one imagines the two would likely pair for another movie project, rather than any kind of sketch comedy.

In the meantime, all of Key & Peele is available at its online hub, so stay tuned for the latest on Peele’s next projects.

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