Joyner Lucas continues his streak of thought-provoking videos with his latest clip for “Frozen.”

Directed by Lucas and Ben Proulx, the video features narratives form three different people who have died in car accident due to careless driving.

In one story, a young girl is killed because the other driver was texting and driving. In the second, a woman and her unborn child dies by the hands of a drunk driver. Finally, a young man is dead due to his reckless driving.

The powerful video ends with a surprising plot twist and a very important message to the viewers: “Drive safe.”

"Frozen" follows Joyner's previous clever visuals for “I’m Not Racist” and his Chris Brown duet, “Stranger Things.”

Roots drummer Questlove was so amazed by the lyrics and imagery in the "Frozen" video that he posted two clips on his Instagram page. "Damn [Joyner Lucas] just damn," he wrote in amazement of the Boston rapper's visual.

Check out Joyner Lucas' new video above.

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