You have seen Justice League. MY MAN! Do you want to see all the Easter eggs in the movie? YEAYUHH! Did you click the link above? BOOYAH!

In celebration of the DC Extended Universe reaching its first, tribal-tattooed crescendo, ScreenCrush video editor Ryan Arey compiled the (SPOILER-filled) video above, collecting a whopping 33 different Easter eggs featured in Justice League. Did you spot the cameo from Rick and Morty? Did you notice that appearance by one of the other big DC Comics superheroes who didn’t manage to make the cut and join the Justice League this time out? Did you catch the reference to the big bad mama jama of DC Comics, Darkseid? We did, and we’ve put them all together for you right here. This video is so fun, it’ll make you feel like you just threw a trident through a Parademon, then fell 500 feet into an abandoned building, and then slid out the front door like it was no big deal. If you’re not the King of the Seven Seas, this is basically the next best thing.

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Gallery - 50 Amazing Marvel Easter Eggs:

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