DC want's some of that super hero movie money and leaks the idea of a Justice League Movie! I'm confused on how that will work. Will Christian Bale still be Batman? And who would dare play Superman, given that playing superman in a movie is considered a curse. Check out the leaked info.


Currently, there isn't a director, cast or release date for "Justice League," but summer of 2014 seems like it would be the earliest we could expect to see it. There are also a host of individual DC superhero movies in development, including the Flash, Wonder Woman, and Lobo.

It's also unclear if Warner Bros. still plans to keep the "Justice League" as a separate continuity from the standalone movies, or integrate them the way Marvel built up to "The Avengers." When Joss Whedon, the director of "The Avengers" was asked if he had any advice for the people making "Justice League," he jokingly answered, "Call me." He followed it by saying that it's harder to bring DC characters to the screen than Marvel since they are "from an old, bygone era" where heroes were less flawed and grounded. And Whedon would know, since he tried to bring "Wonder Woman" to the screen in another project that stalled out several years ago.

via ‘Justice League’ movie hopes to finally bring Batman and Superman together on screen | Movie Talk - Yahoo! Movies.