After Sheck Wes responded to her claims of domestic violence, singer Justine Skye fires back with what she feels is evidence of their alleged abusive relationship on Tuesday (Feb. 12).

That evidence includes a video of the rapper jumping over her fence at her house.

"I literally have footage of you jumping over the fence of my crib to attack me Sheck... your lies are even more disrespectful," Skye said in a quote tweet response to Sheck.

Skye then followed up with another tweet featuring a screenshot of a text message conversation with an alleged associate of Wes' during a previous, violent episode from their relationship. In the tweet, she claims that all of the rapper's friends knew what was going on. She even provides footage of Wes hopping over her fence from her home's security camera.

"Are you going to lie now and say this is not you too?" Skye said in her tweet of the video.

Meanwhile, Wes continues to assert that he did not abuse his ex-girlfriend. After seeing Skye post what she feels is visual evidence of his abuse, the rapper, whose song "Mo Bamba" landed in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart last year, claimed that the video she posted only showed him trying to get his things from her house.

"Show us your bruises not me hopping the fence to get my shit back Justine," Wes tweeted. "Ask my real girlfriend. I never hit you !"

See Justin Skye's responses to Wes' denial and the video of Wes she posted to her Twitter timeline.

See Sheck Wes and Justine Skye's Tweets About Her Abuse Allegations

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