Juvenile is trying to make 2017 his year. With a new project in the works, slated to release later this year, the former Cash Money hit maker is returning to the music scene with a vengeance by dropping his first single, "Red Sox." The song marks his first single in three years.

Produced by 6103MC, the near three-minute track features a rambunctious Young Thug repping his love for the color red and the crew that rocks the vibrant hue while an energetic Juvie takes aim at anyone who thinks he's fake.

"I take it, you n----s think I'm a fake/It's all in your face, I can see ya hate/I ain't doing good, I'm doing great/We been living in the ghetto to estates," he raps on the track.

According to 6103MC, Juvie's upcoming catalog "will be the modern day 400 Degreez." He also asks fans to to "get your ear plugs ready [because] there we be more to come."

Check out Juvenile's new single below.

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