The new season of Jersey Shore starts Jan. 5th and one star, JWoww hit the cover of Maxim Magazine for January and it really doesn't matter how annoying she or the show is, SHE'S HOT! When asked what's the most important thing to remember when you get into a fight, she replied, "Pull your hair back. You don't want some bitch yanking on your hair." Check out the cover below and more question with JWoww.

You’ve been in Maxim three times now, but this is your first cover. How does it feel?

I cried when I found out. I was jumping up and down and totally bugging out. This is probably my highest accomplishment.

So let’s talk about Italy.

It was insane. As everyone got to see, it was very dramatic. I’m glad we’re going back to the Shore now, because Italy was hard.

You guys were pretty isolated over there. You couldn’t escape each other.

We definitely had to rely on each other, which made our relationships stronger, but also made us more sick of each other. Temperatures were running high. People were fighting. Heads were hitting walls.

Was that scary?

Yeah. Even rewatching it is pretty intense! It’s very emotional, and I was there and lived it. But we’re fine now, and that’s the best thing about us. We watch it together and laugh at what we went through.