The Grammy world will never forget the moment that Kanye West walked on stage during Taylor Swifts acceptance speech, unless he were to do it again.

That's exactly what everyone thought was going to happen last night when Beck won Album of the Year, and Kanye made his way on stage.

It was pretty similar to 2009 when Kanye jumped on stage, especially considering he was sitting with Jay Z and Beyonce, and Beyonce was up for Album of the Year.  Beck handled the whole thing in stride though, as he tried to call Kanye back up.

The best reaction though belonged to Jay and Bey who were watching the whole thing unfold.

Everyone thought that Kanye had suddenly found a sense of humor, and was pulling the whole thing as an awesome prank.  Then he opened his mouth. . .

In a post show interview he said that Beck should've given the award to Beyonce, and respect "artistry."  Seriously.

The truth is that any one of the artists up for Album of the Year could've won it this year, and it would've been the right choice.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at Kanye for what he did during the show, in fact I think that was hilarious.  I just think someone who is as musically talented as Kanye is, should be able to respect other musicians.  I know I'm not saying anything new here, but it just floored me to hear him say some reckless stuff like that.

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