Quick, somebody let Taylor Swift know she will need to be on high alert at the VMAs this year, since her nemesis Kanye West is making his return to the VMAs this August. Yeezy has been confirmed as a performer, along with Lady Gaga.

Yeezy will perform 'Black Skinhead' from his new album 'Yeezus' at the event, which is slated for Aug. 25 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., according to MTV News. And they would know -- it's their event.

'Ye has performed at the VMAs six times prior in his career. He was taped ranting and raving at a restaurant in 2009, after he crashed T. Swizzle's big moment.

Wouldn't it be amazeballs if the producers at MTV could somehow get a Swift and West performance going? It would be T. Sweezus!

Yeah, that's never happening, since 'Ye basically said that his apology after he deemed Beyonce the rightful winner of Swift's VMA in 2009 was false and forced.

Swift did reference West when she acknowledged her multiple noms this year --West, for the record, got a goose egg in terms of nominations.

Clearly, neither can let their four-year-old beef go.

A 2011 mag profile indicated that Swift and West had high-fived one another at an event, spelling the E-N-D of the nonsense. Also, Tay Tay wore a West-designed sweater in a magazine spread in 2012.

The clothes do not make the man, apparently, as the beef is still there.

You can bet we'll be watching to see if there are any shenanigans and if Swift tries to hijack West's glory in some way or another.