There's never a dull moment with Kanye West, and this time, he's shaved off his eyebrows.

On Sunday (Oct. 31), the Chicago rapper-producer now known as Ye livestreamed his Sunday Service performance. Aside from Marilyn Manson's presence at the event, the other shocking thing that caught fans' attention was that Kanye didn't have any eyebrows.

It's unclear why Kanye decided to shave off his eyebrows.

His new facial look follows his weird haircut. Last month, Ye unveiled on his Instagram account his new haircut of what appears to be choppy designs cut into his hair. However, some fans have pointed out that they also see the letters "Y" and "E" shaved abstractly into his head.

Kanye's new haircut surfaced on the internet the same day a judge approved the Donda album creator's request to change his name from Kanye Omari West to just Ye.

As for Kanye's shaved eyebrows, it left plenty of fans in shock and asking questions.

"Man why tf kanye out here shaving his eyebrows," asked one person on Twitter.

"Kanye a real psycho if he had the barber shave off his eyebrows. Let alone, asked for that service," wrote another fan. "That is right up there with asking your barber to shave the mustache and leave the beard."

Another social media user wasn't phased by Kanye's new look.

"Just saw a headline about kanye shaving his eyebrows off, he's not special," he tweeted.

Overall, Kanye continues to keep us scratching our heads.

Check out more fans' reactions to Kanye West having no eyebrows below.

Scroll down to see footage from Kanye's Sunday Service as well.

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