According to NPD Group, research shows that there are at least 500 celebrity fragrances released each year. That’s quite an obscene number since… well, are there even 500 celebrities worthy of fragrances out there? Of course with each new fragrance comes the expected Best and Worst lists, and sadly, Katy Perry‘s fragrance “Purr” made the latter.

Yahoo! Shopping‘s Andrea Arterbery tested a number of fragrances and created a list of the five she felt were the worst. Perry’s made the No. 1 spot.

“While I really wanted to like this scent, I found it to be very watered down and lasting no more than two seconds upon spritzing it on my skin,” said Arterbery. “Then, I thought maybe if I put on a bit more, that would make it last longer! But, sadly, the scent had disappeared before I’d even made it out the door.” Amber Katz of echoed Arterbery’s sentiments, saying, “While I love the packaging, I felt like Purr left a lot to be desired.”

So what exactly makes a fragrance worth buying? The amount of time the celebrity creating the scent spends on the product. Imagine that! “It’s all about celebrity involvement,” Dina Fierro of, said. “It sounds so obvious, but the reality of the celebrity fragrance business is that very few celebs have done fragrance the right way.”

“They only work when the scent is true to who the celebrity is,” agreed Jeannine Morris of “The fragrance should reflect the brand and personality of the celebrity, from the notes to the packaging.”

So who else made the list of the worst celebrity fragrances?

  • Snooki by Nicole Polizzi (“Horrible Smell”)
  • Boyfriend by Kate Walsh (“Confusing Scent”)
  • Unbreakable by Khloe & Lamar (“Marketing Oversaturation”)
  • Selena Gomez by Selena Gomez (“The One That Got Away”)

Watch the Katy Perry ‘The One That Got Away’ Video

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