Keisha Knight Pullman was fired on 'Celebrity Apprentice' over her relationship with struggling Bill Cosby. Being honest, I did not know the show was still on the air. Donald Trump is still handing out pink slips. 

I have to make mention that the show was taped before the sexual assault allegations came out against Cosby. From the clip, Keisha was asked to make calls seeking donations and her teammates ratted her out about not calling her television dad for money.

Keisha revealed she had not spoken with Bill in over 5 years and did not feel comfortable asking him for money. I truly agree with her decision. She was never given a fair chance to pled her case while teammates and Donald Trump put on a verbal assault to out Rudy Huxtable.

I think everyone on the show looks really stupid and should be ashamed of their treatment to Keisha over calling Cosby especially since the rape allegations are staying in the news. I hope the shows producers reached out to apologize to Keisha for this episode.