Keri Hilson has not made many of her 1 million plus twitter followers happy with her lately.  The controversy all revolves around a some comments and a picture that she posted shortly after the death of Amy Winehouse.

While I personally don't think Keri did or said anything wrong, most of the twitter world does not agree.  The one thing that nobody can argue with is that she handeled the situation as good as anyone could.

Check out how the Twitter drama unfolded.

Everything started on the day of Amy Winehouse's death after Keri put the comment above on her Twitter account.  While it is true, most of her fans thought it was to soon to point out the obvious fact that she was leading a destructive lifestyle.

Things really got ugly though when Keri tweeted a picture of her and a drag queen Amy Winehouse lookalike.



The tweet that went along with this said, "*gasp* Amy Winehouse resurrected to party w/ me! (Seriously uncanny resemblance)

After hundreds of negative comments, calling her everything from heartless to a bitch, Keri issued the following apology via her twitter.

I do want to give credit to Keri for handeling this the way that she did.  So many times people won't just admit that they did something wrong.  While I don't think she did do anything wrong she had the sense to recognize that she had upset people, and she took ownership of that.

For those of you Amy Winehouse fans out there, make sure you catch the special airing of her 2007 concert tonight on MTV.