Kesha was supposed to perform in Malaysia this evening (Oct. 26) but the raunchy singer and reigning dirty girl of pop music was banned from taking the stage by the country's government. WTF is up with that?

The reason that Kesha's show was nixed by the powers-that-be? They claim that her live show conflicts with the country's religious beliefs, according to TMZ.

The concert promoter said that officials rejected the performance application at the last minute.

Even though the 'Crazy Kids' singer had actually agreed to swap out the offending parts of her show and to amend things in order to meet approval, including changing both song lyrics and her wardrobe, the government wasn't having any of it. Authorities were firm and steadfast in their "no."

A rep for the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia in Malaysia would only say that their choice to refuse Kesha permission to perform was made for "reasons of religion and culture." Further details were not offered, but clearly, the singer's racy stage antics offend the locals.

Kesha's show is definitely outrageous and sexualized, but it's always entertaining. We think it was pretty big and impressive of her to offer to change the offending elements, which she probably did to save the concert so that she could perform for her beloved Malaysian fans aka animals. An edited Kesha show is better than no Kesha show at all, right?

Despite her efforts, Kesha fans were likely left disappointed by a decision that was totally out of her paws.