It's no secret that Keyshia Cole's upcoming album, 'Point of No Return,' showcases her feelings toward infidelity and her ultimate breakup with NBA player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson. And in her new video for 'Next Time (Won't Give My Heart Away)', the R&B singer digs deep into her emotions. You feel her pain.

Unlike her gritty and in-your-face video for 'Rick James,' this visual shows a softer side of Keyhsia. She sings throughout a big house and dons various outfits from glamorous gowns to a comfortable white pants number. Since the song is about her revealing all the feelings about her cheating partner and heartbreak, there isn't much of a narrative to the video. Instead, we see moments of her emoting throughout this house.

What makes this video powerful is the pain in her eyes, which we know she's fighting to get through. While this isn't the only heartache-centered breakup video out there, Keyshia's effort s clearly an example of art imitating life. 'Next Time (Won't Give My Heart Away)' will make you want to grab a tissue or two to wipe those tears away.