It looks likes it is over for Keyshia Cole and Daniel 'Boobie' Gibson.  Sources close to the singer says she is ready to end the troubled marriage with her husband any day now. 

Keyshia has already drawn up the divorce papers and is ready to file at any moment.  A couple of months ago the couple publicly split and the marriage has been up in the air since then.  In the middle of the troubled marriage is a 4 year old son.

Daniel and Keyshia were married in 2011 with two ceremonies but now it will only take one divorce.

The R&B singer has released a song 'She' were it seems like eluding to swinging to a female-female relationship.

"Down to try something different/Lips and legs/Soft skin so feminine/Curves like me/Covered in my cherry scent."

I am not going to jump to conclusion about the song but I'm sure the marriage will be officially over real soon.  What ever happened to couples working things out?