Keyshia Cole was performing in LA when she invited a fan on stage and handed her a microphone.  When the fan started to sing, Keyshia backed away from her, and then completely shut her down!

Normally at a concert a fan getting on stage is awkward from the beginning, but this seemed different.  It almost seemed planned, and welcomed by Keyshia but that changed quickly.

Some people are saying that Keyshia was just motioning to the woman that she would handle the first verse and then give her the second verse . . . but I don't buy that.

Watch how weird it is as Keyshia backs away from her.  Almost like the womans voice is throwing her off.  It all ended well though with Keyshia giving the fan a chance to sing and having the crowd make noise for her effort.

Watch the video and let us know if you think it was a first verse, second verse thing or if Keyshia truly shut her down.