We’ve heard of rappers and singers getting strange tattoos but this one takes the cake. On Saturday (June 6), Keyshia Cole shared a photo on Instagram of her newest tat and it’s located near her vagina.

Apparently, the “Heaven Sent” singer had ink done near her bikini line just inches away from her vagina. It’s hard to see in the photo above but Cole had a tattoo of roses etched near her most intimate area. “BIKINI LINE TATT ON FLEEKK,” Cole captioned the photo.

The 33-year-old singer’s tattoo certainly raised a lot of eyebrows among her fans. Some felt that the placement of the tat was a bad choice because it looks like she has unshaved pubes. Others seemed not to mind Cole’s artwork near her vajayjay.

“This is just f---in stupid,” wrote one commenter, while another person wrote, “I swear you guys complain about anything! It’s her body, so she’s gonna do what she wants.”

On Twitter, fans slandered Cole for getting a tattoo near her vagina because it looks like she needs an immediate bikini wax. However, the singer is surprised that fans are so upset by her tattoo.

We must also mention that the Point of No Return creator is also donning a new blue hairstyle which adds to the mystique of her new tat.

What do you think of Keyshia Cole’s new bikini line tattoo and blue hairstyle? Tell us in the comments below.

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