Keyshia Cole appeared on Ustream on Tuesday, when her album "Calling All Hearts" dropped, and mentioned she plans to head out on a tour in the spring. And she coule be touring with Nicki Minaj. See what she had to say...

Keyshia says:

"[I'll go on tour] in March. We'll probably start promoting sometime in January, probably the end of January. We're trying to figure out who I'm gonna go on the road with. I had a conversation with Monica about a week ago about it and I told her I would love for her to come, and Faith [Evans] and Melanie Fiona and also Tank — just to add some kind of other flavor in there.

"But if not, if we don't do that tour, then it will probably be me and Nicki Minaj. I mean, I would love to go out with Nicki, so we'll see which one happens."

Keyshia Admits Nicki Minaj Single Risked Her Career

Keyshia Cole recently talked about her "I Ain't Thru" Nicki Minaj collaboration and why Interscope Records wished she hadn't released the track.

Keyshia said label execs wanted her to drop a more soulful single from her "Calling All Hearts "album.

She says:

"The label didn't really want to drop the record because they knew -- that people wanted a more intense, soulful record from me about love and I really should have followed [their] direction.

"But I wanted that to be a statement record. It's like saying, 'I'm doing me, you know. I don't have no regrets for nothing that I'm doing.' ... I just think that people expect me to be, you know, an artist that sings about just love. But I'm always growing as an artist and I have to feed my artistry."

Interscope Chairman of Geffen Records Ron Fair said he also supported Cole's decision.