Black Panther might have been the guy with his name in the title, but it was Killmonger who really stole the film. He was easily the best villain in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe — charismatic, compelling, relatable, terrifying — with Michael B. Jordan gave a performance worthy of an Oscar nomination. (Whether he gets one is another story entirely.) I was absolutely not shocked when Marvel recently announced the character was getting his own five-issue mini-series (and a makeover to look more like Jordan’s version of the character). People want to see more of this character.

For movie fans, there’s just one little teeny tiny problem. (And one teen tiny SPOILER for Black Panther.) Killmonger died. Stabbed in the chest with a big Wakandan spear. There was a body. It went lifeless. Totally dead.

Oh come on — this is Marvel! Half the Avengers bit the bucket in Infinity War, including one dude who’s already got another movie coming out next summer. You think they ain’t coming back too? There are always ways, provided Jordan wants to do it. And it sounds like he might.

When Jordan appeared on Hot 97 this morning (via Complex), he was asked about whether we might see him back in another Marvel movie. His response:

“Don't have that answer yet. I don't. I think everything's a possibility. It's possible, it's Marvel. Anything is possible.”

I’m not a betting man, but if I was, I would definitely place money on Killmonger showing up somewhere in the MCU. All it takes is for the Avengers fix the world in Avengers 4 just slightly askew, and for some extra folks to come back to life — like good ol’ Killmonger. And then he’s ready for a sequel.

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