The proverbial "they" said it would never happen -- that Vogue editress Anna Wintour would never, ever kave, (er, cave) and give Kim Kardashian the Vogue kover, (er, cover) that celebs like her so desperately desire.

But Wintour did, and Kim got her cover -- albeit a joint cover with her baby daddy and fiance, Kanye West, who was likely the architect of this whole thing, since he has risen through the ranks and is considered a fashion influencer.

The cover shoot for the fashion bible was rumored, and now it's real.

Let's be honest. Kimmy looks absolutely ravishing and bride-like in her cream-colored, strapless dress with sweetheart neckline. Her hair is slicked back in a bun, and her smoky eyes and nude lips are expertly done, while Kanye cradles her from behind.

A handsome couple? Yes. This looks like a wedding portrait to us.

In the behind-the-scenes video, Kim and Kanye are shown snuggling with their precious daughter, North, who will be 1 in June, and they pose in a variety of sexy locales, looking at one another longingly throughout. The love is there -- no question about it.

But let's continue to be honest. This is definitely a move that will anger Vogue subscribers and Kardashian haters, given Vogue's long, storied and rock solid reputation as a publication that avoids common and junk culture, which is comprised of reality shows and sex tapes.

However, notice that the cover tag is hashtagged #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple. Is this the new Vogue, catering to the digital age? Could be.

Also, one could argue that Brangelina are more discussed than Kimye, but... whatever your opinion about Wintour's decision -- which will be hotly debated and questioned in the fashion blogosphere, the fashion press and beyond -- it is what it is, and that's a pretty picture.

Watch Kimye Vogue Photo Shoot Behind-the-Scenes Footage