Kim Kardashian was 'Flour Bombed' on the red carpet while introducing her new perfume, 'True Reflection.'

A woman rushed through security, onto the red carpet as Kim was posing for photos and dumped an entire bag of flour on her head  . . . (go ahead, it's OK to laugh).

Kim laughed the whole thing off when she cleaned herself up, saying that she wanted more makeup powder anyway.

The worst thing about this whole incident is the fact that it may have been staged by Kim's people.  The fact that the general public did not care that Kim had a perfume coming out might have driven her people to pull of the publicity stunt.

I have a hard time believing that since Kim is a person of such high integrity and moral standard . . . . wait, what?  Never mind, this 'ish was a set up.

Kim Kardashian Meets A Flour Bomb