New York Knicks guard Landry Fields has been having a great season, but with all the 'Linsanity' in the big apple, he has gone under the radar.

I think he might start to get a little shine after showing off his pipes of gold during a press conference, maybe even a post NBA career.

“We had a pre-team meeting or something,” Fields said with a wave of his hand, “and I kinda redid a song, it’s called ‘Billionaire.’” Fields chuckled. “Bruno Mars,” he laughed, “I can’t remember the words right now, my heart’s racing!”

I wanna be a champion / So frickin’ bad,” Fields sang. “Buy all of the things I never had!” Fields pauses here, but he’s clearly getting into it . His teammates begin clapping along in time with him and he continues. “I wanna be on the cover of Slam Magazine,” he croons, standing up and pointing at his fellow Knicks, “standing next to ‘Melo and Amare.” You can tell Fields is having fun. “Every time I close my eyes / I see my name in shining lights / A different city every night / Oh why, I swear / The room better prepare / For the next ring that we wear!

Bruno Mars picked up on the video, tweeting simply, “HELL YEAH!”

Watch Landry Fields Sing His Version of ‘Billionaire’