KRS-One is still teaching the masses, recently dropping solo album number 13, The World Is Mind.

Showcasing hip-hop in its purest form, Mr. Parker connects the dots on tracks like "Raw B.E.A.T." and the graffiti ode "Out for Fame." The South Bronx OG displays his worldly knowledge on the album's title track and reaches across continents for "Keep It Clicking," a celebration of the South African culture. The project features guest spots from Shai, Janiece and K.O.D. Mlody handles the bulk of the production, while KRS, Steez, DJ Desue and others contribute to the beatmaking as well.

Noticeably missing from the tracklist is the song, "Hip-Hop Speaks From Heaven," which has caused some controversy over KRS eulogizing the wrong Beastie Boys member. His heart was in the right place, but instead of shouting out MCA, who died from cancer in 2012, he shouted out King Ad-Rock, who is still alive and well. KRS has since apologized for the mistake and made good on his promise to remove the song from the digital release.

The World Is Mind is the follow-up album to Now Hear This, which dropped in 2015. You can stream the entire project below and purchase here.

1. "Show Respect"
2. "Same Shit"
3. "Keep Clicking" Feat. Shai
4. "Out For Fame"
5. "My Dreams"
6. "Fuck This" Feat. K.O.D
7. "Don't Ever Stop" Feat. Janiece
8. "RAW B.E.A.T"
9. "You Ain't Got Time"
10. "No Problems"
11. "You Like Me"
12. "Put Ya Ones Up"
13. "Keep Flowin'"
14. "The World Is Mind"


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