Kurtis Blow feels anything but "honored" that Virginia's Attorney General Mark Herring used Blackface to dress up as the rap pioneer at a college party in 1980. After the politician admitted to the act, Blow sat down with TMZ to share his thoughts on Thursday night (Feb. 7). While Blow's open to forgiving, it doesn't feel like he'll be forgetting just yet.

"I find it totally offensive and disrespectful, degrading. It's ugly. I'm praying for my man Mr. Herring right now," said Blow, who currently oversees the Nightlife Advisory Board of New York City. "It's very important as a Christian that we forgive each other for our mistakes. It was definitely a mistake on his part. It's a teachable moment nowadays and we all should learn from this. I think if you can, forgive him. He owes some kind of retribution or just a commitment to help out African-Americans since he has been in this situation right now."

As previously reported, the 57-year-old Attorney General released a statement admitting to and apologizing for the incident, after pictures resurfaced and went viral for more than 24 hours.

"It sounds ridiculous even now writing it," Herring wrote. "But because of our ignorance and glib attitudes—and because we did not have an application for the experiences and perspectives of others—we dressed up and put on wigs and brown makeup."

He went on to "accept full responsibility" and add that he was “deeply, deeply sorry for the pain that I cause with this revelation.”

Watch Kurtis Blow's full conversation about Virginia's Attorney General below.

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