Lana Del Rey has been selected as British GQ’s Women of the Year and you know what that means? Another magazine cover. And a naked photo of LDR, to boot.

Yep, Lizzie Grant is naked as the day she first met her mom and dad, but she’s got strategically placed knees and stuff, so you can’t see her lady lumps or any of her nether regions.

Jezebel points out that LDR is the only cover model for the “Men/Woman of the Year” issues who is nude. Everyone else is dressed all dapper. But not our Lana. She’s showing skin and some bling, along with seriously red lips and nails.

Del Rey racks up mag covers with increasing regularity, yet she hasn’t played a show in how long? It begs the question: Is she a model or is she a singer?

We’re thinking LDR, who recently dyed her signature auburn locks a rich, shiny shade of chocolate, is more of the former.

The editors over at British GQ have a hankering for LDR. She’s pouty. She’s sultry. But her music? That’s made less of a dent in pop culture, sadly.



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