Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley have 5 kids together and have been together for many years.  So when word came that she was pregnant with her sixth child, it was just assumed that Rohan was the father.  Apparently that assumption was not right.

Just over a week before L. Boogie gave birth reports came out that Rohan Marley had left her.  He was immediately persecuted by the public for abandoning his unborn child.  Now, more than a week after the baby's birth, we find out that judgment might have been passed down a little early.

Lauryn used her reps twitter account to post the following message shortly after her son was born.

"Contrary to the numerous reports, Mr. Marley did not abandon me while pregnant with his child. We have had long periods of separation over the years but our 5 children together remain a joy to both of us. Thank you for your concern and I appreciate all of the well wishes regarding the birth of my new son."

Two things stand out to me in this statement.  One is the fact that she says OUR 5 CHILDREN, only days after having her sixth.  Secondly is the last three words, MY NEW SON.

Rohan Marley went on his Twitter account and made the obvious seem more obvious.

"I'm forwarding all well wishes to Ms. Hill on the birth of her new son. I'm sure she'll appreciate the love being sent to her"

While neither party will come out and say it directly, these two statements make it fairly clear that Marley is not the father.

SOMEBODY CALL MAURY!  We need an edition of, "Who's The Father" in here STAT!

I just wouldn't feel right talking about Lauryn Hill, and not posting one of her best performances.  Regardless of who the father is, L. Boogie has always been a strong woman who did things her way.  I don't see this fact changing any time soon.