The Tide Pod Challenge is dumb. The lawmakers trying to regulate how tasty Tide Pods look are even more dumb.

Fox News is reporting that a few lawmakers in New York would like to regulate Tide Pods so that kids will be less likely to eat them. The pair describe the Tide Pods as,

Squishy sweet smelling packets that look like gummy bears.

The lawmakers would like to see the Tide Pods be made to look less appealing, and one solid color.

Can we just slow down here for a minute?

We've had a government shut down, and are on the verge of another one. We have a country about to rip itself apart at the seams, if 45 doesn't do it first . . . and you want to make a law that regulates how delicious Tide Pods look?!

I get it. They look like candy. Candy that just so happens to be sold in the best smelling aisle of the grocery store. That doesn't mean people are eating them because they think Tide Pods are candy.

People are doing the Tide Pod Challenge because they are stupid. Also because of the internet. You see, the internet takes stupid people, and makes them famous. Most of the time the harm that befalls these idiots lasts much longer than the fame they gain. I say it's almost nature's legal system. Despite all of that though, Tide has been proactive in combating the Tide Pod challenge.

So before you go thinking that we need to have a vote on how delicious Tide Pods look, just stop. Ask yourself if you would ever eat a Tide Pod. If the answer is yes, hit yourself in the head with a hammer because you are an idiot.

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