As if throttling the Pistons on Monday night wasn't enough, Lebron James took some shots at U of M going into the annual Ohio State game.

The Michigan and Ohio State game has become such a historic rivalry over the years, that anyone from the midwest, just refers to it as "The Game."

So when Lebron was asked about The Game during a shoot around in Detroit, he played it off as if he thought about the matchup with the Pistons later that night. After a little clarification as to which game they were talking about, Lebron tried to talk his smack.

The problem is that he referred to the Big House, then asked who Ohio State played this Saturday. It's a classic case of over rehearsing your insult, only to mess it up and sound like an idiot yourself.

Just to be clear, no self respecting Michigan fan truly believes that the Wolverines have a chance on Saturday. We just don't need Lebron rubbing anyone's face in it.

The Wolverines and Buckeyes kick off at Noon on Saturday.

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