'The LEGO Movie' was one of the biggest movies of the year -- but how well do you really know it?

Our friends over at ScreenCrush did some research and dug up some pretty obscure trivia about the blockbuster film. From the score to the song 'Everything Is Awesome' to the intricate set -- there's so much knowledge crammed into this three-minute video!

We'll give you one small spoiler here: Almost all of the LEGO pieces in the movie actually exist and can be used in sets. The only exceptions are custom-made parts, such as President Business' hair.

Speaking of LEGO pieces, do you know how many bricks it would take to actually create the sets from the movie? ScreenCrush has the magic number -- and it blew our minds!

To get all of the details on animation tricks, which actors were considered for roles and so much more, check out the 15 things you may not know about 'The LEGO Movie' in the video above.

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