Lil B made the announcement at Coachella over the weekend that his new album would be titled "I'm Gay".  At a time when homophobia is a major topic in hip hop check out why this might be the smartest thing that Lil B could do.

While on stage Lil B gave this explanation of why he would choose the title "I'm Gay" for his new album.

"I'm gonna just show y'all that words don't mean sh*t. I'm gonna make an album called I'm Gay. Now I'm gonna tell y'all why I'm the first person to do it in hip-hop and why y'all are the first people to know my reason...First of all, gay means happy. I like women, I love women, you feel me? But it just shows me, no matter what you do, live life, you only got one life to live, be happy. F*ck the hating."

This isn't new territory for Lil B, as he previously released a freestyle track called "I'm A Fa&$ot".  So that leaves me with the question,  is Lil B doing this just to get people talking about his album, or has he discovered a way to end the debate over homosexuality in hip hop?

Here is the video of Lil B at Coachella 2011 making the announcement about his album.