Although it’s been five years since Lil Dicky released his 2015 debut album Professional Rapper, he hasn’t stopped rapping.

On Tuesday (Jan. 14), the 2016 XXL Freshman jumped on his Instagram account to explain why it was taking him so long to release new music. In his IG post, Dicky, whose last project, I'm Brain, dropped more than two years ago, shared a photo of himself in the studio and in the caption, he wrote a long letter where he called himself an “elite, world-class rapper.”

"I just wanted every Dickhead to know that even though I’m putting out a real doozy of a TV show in March, I’ve never stopped rapping," he wrote. "And Lil Dicky the musical artist is far from done. I know that it’s been about four and a half years since I’ve put an album out, and that’s much longer than either you or I would’ve hoped for. It must be annoying, I get it. If drake took that long, I’d be so sad! And I’m sorry for that. I don’t like letting you down."

The "Freaky Friday" rapper added that it takes him "a long ass time to make the ideal body of work" but the recording process is going well. "The good news is, I’ve made a ton of incredible music over these years. Boy oh boy have I evolved and blossomed!! You will hear it and love it and be proud of me, and less annoyed with me," he wrote. "But I gotta finish it and then roll it out right. You only get so many cracks at doing what I’m about to do."

Dicky ended his message by promising his fans that new music will come once he's done production on his new television show. "I can’t wait till it’s out so I can get back to the music that made you care about me in the first place," he wrote. "I’m an elite, world class rapper, and I look forward to proving that to the world, and validating all of you who believed that I had it in me in the first place."

As previously reported, Dicky is working on a half-hour comedy show executive-produced by Kevin Hart and Dicky's manager Scooter Braun. The series is reportedly loosely based on Dicky's real-life experiences and centers on a suburban neurotic man in his late 20s who is trying to convince himself and his friends that he's the best rapper of all time.

The TV series, which is titled Dave, is expected to premiere on the FX Network in the spring.

Read Lil Dicky's IG post below.

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