Lil Durk appears to be sending a shot at 6ix9ine on a new track.

On Friday (June 24), Lil Durk released a deluxe version of his 7220 album. The updated edition contains an extra 13 songs, including one called "Huuuh" where Durkio appears to address 6ix9ine taunting him with a look-alike earlier this year.

On the Gxsha and LowLowTurnThatUp-produced track, Lil Durk drops the lines, "Man, I'm Durk, and you got my lo', why you play with Perk? (Why you play with Perk?)/Fuck the feds, who walk around with you, them niggas gon' get hurt (Grrah)."

The incident Lil Durk is seemingly referring to is the time back in April when Tekashi posted a video with Durk's look-alike, Perkio. In the clip, 6ix9ine meets the guy and gives him a jacket containing the image of Durk's late cousin King Von who was murdered in December of 2020.

"@lildurk I had a gift for the bro @kingvonfrmdao your niggas ain’t never gon slide but they definitely rep you all day on tshirts," 6ix9ine captioned the video.

Perkio later claimed he was ambushed by the Brooklyn rapper-federal informant and had no prior knowledge of what was about to go down.

"His crew, he had a lot of niggas around him too," Perkio said in a lengthy Instagram post. "Like, they all came, and then, there was that jacket. And then they start throwing, like, everybody ambushed me, literally. Like, he threw the jacket on me. Like, this nigga was pressing his arms right here. He was pressing and then I'm like, yo, I was looking at him. Every one of them boys, like, they was filming and everything, they was filming and all that. Before that, I was like, you know, I don't want to do no video with 6ix9ine, none of that. I said I don't want to disrespect OTF, I don't want to disrespect Durk, I don't want to disrespect nobody. You feel me?"

Lil Durk and Tekashi's beef started in 2019, when Durk called 6ix9ine a snitch after the "Trollz" rapper testified against his former associates in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang in order to receive a lighter sentence in his racketeering and gun case. 6ix9ine reacted by calling Durk out on social media. The insults have been flying back-and-forth since then. 6ix9ine went as far as to say "rest in piss" in reference to King Von's death.

6ix9ine recently made headlines after he was spotted in Miami telling people he's Lil Pump.

Listen to Lil Durk's new song "Huuuh" below.

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