Despite his strong fan base and sold-out tours from over the years, J. Cole is still a huge target for hate in hip-hop. Lil Pump has been targeting the Fayetteville rapper for some time now on social media, and now the Florida native is readying a complete diss track towards him.

A video has surfaced of the "Boss" rapper chanting "Fuck J. Cole" over a trap beat in the background. He then goes on to rhyme, "Man, fuck J. Cole. You is a bitch ass nigga. You is a ugly ass nigga," before taking a pull from his blunt and laughing at the camera. He also goes on to exclaim, "Fuck all that lyrical shit," making it clear that he is not a fan of the Dreamville head's signature wordplay on his tracks.

It's not exactly evident as to why the 16-year-old hip-hop artist has issues with Cole, and why he seems to be targeting him amongst the list of lyrical rappers in the industry, but it looks like we can expect the full diss song to come in the near future.

The move seems more strategic than truly hateful though, as Pump and other rappers who are blowing up on SoundCloud often rail against being compared to more lyrical rappers like Cole. Hopefully we can learn a bit more of the history behind Pump's dislike for the "Neighbors" MC, but for now, all we have is the snippet below.

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