Lil Tecca is alive and well, despite what a circulating internet rumor will tell you.

A fake news report created Sunday (Sept. 15) stated that the Queens, N.Y. rapper had been shot and killed at JFK airport in New York, causing a barrage of social media posts from concerned and upset fans. Once word got back to Tecca, however, he used his Twitter account to assure everyone that he was in fact very much still alive.

"niggas believe anything onna internet," he wrote on Monday.

The original report came from hoax website where anyone can log on and create a fake story to live on the website.

"Tyler Sharp aka Lil Tecca was only 16 years old and had a big influence in Nassau county,he change the rap game in New York," the article read. "At 9:00am Tyler went to the JFK airport to catch a flight to Toronto this is where one individual came to Tyler’s gate and killed Tyler.Authority say he was shot twice and rushed to the hospital later reported dead. This iconic soundcloud rapper changed hundreds of lives and will be missed."

The rising artist is currently receiving a lot of attention for his single "Ransom" and hia recent project, We Love You Tecca. The tape, released earlier this month, debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200, moving 68,000 equivalent album units.

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