Lil Uzi Vert could soon be paying for one fan's college tuition.

On Thursday afternoon (Aug. 22), student Raheel Ahmad, who goes by @bigassheel on Instagram, recorded Uzi walking through a department store in Philadelphia. In Ahmad's Instagram Story, we can see Uzi walking past him when he randomly flags down the Philly rapper and asked him to pay for his college tuition. Intrigued by the request, Uzi asked how much the tuition was. After Ahmad said it was $90,000 in total, Uzi paused for a second before he actually agreed to cover the costs.

"I could pay for that, but here's the thing though," Uzi responded. "If I pay for your college tuition are you going to finish college or are you gonna bullshit?"

Ahmad, who says he's a student at Temple University, said he would finish college regardless if Uzi covers his tuition or not. Once he asked for his Instagram handle, the "Valentino" rapper confirmed that he would throw down 90 racks for the tuition after Ahmad sends him proof that he's enrolled at the university.

"Make sure you show me all of your transcripts, everything. Shoot me all of your papers everything and you'll get $90,000 from me," Uzi responded.

This news comes in as Uzi's been dealing with some difficult things in his personal life. On the same day that Ahmad's Instagram Story was uploaded, Uzi used his Twitter timeline to open up about his sadness and reveal that his grandmother had been hospitalized because she had a tumor on her eye.

Watch Lil Uzi Vert promise to pay the college tuition of one lucky fan below.

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