Lil Uzi Vert may have given fans an ounce of hope that they could receive the official version of one of his collaborations with Playboi Carti in the future. On Wednesday morning (March 18), a fan tagged the Philly rapper in a Tweet and asked him about the possibility of receiving his song "Big Bank" featuring Playboi Carti in full.

"@LILUZIVERT Baby Pluto would we ever get to hear this masterpiece??," the fan asked.

Uzi didn't necessarily respond with a valid answer to the question. However, the rapper did retweet the message for all of his fans to see. "Big Bank" first surfaced on the internet back in 2018. At the time, the piano-based, bass-heavy banger was an unauthorized leak with no confirmed destination. It was later pulled from YouTube and never officially released on streaming services.

Uzi may have given his fans some type of hope but there's still no word from Carti, who has yet to release his long-awaited album Whole Lotta Red. The album was expected to drop back in October 2019. However, when the album never hit streaming services, his fans revolted on Twitter.

More than a year after the song leaked, it seems as though "Big Bank" has become a fan favorite despite Uzi's claim that he's no longer cool with Carti.

During a Twitter rant back in November 2019, Uzi responded to a fan's question about whether the former XXL Freshmen were on good terms. He simply wrote, "NO." Then, on Mar. 6, Uzi himself ensured his fans that he is not beefing with Carti. "We not beefing dude," Uzi said in response to a fan's tweet.

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