After getting wind of Mac Miller’s official cause of death being an accidental drug overdose involving fentanyl, Lil Xan felt compelled to speak out about his own battle with addiction and share some insight into how Mac changed his perspective. He recently chose to cancel his tour in order to record a tribute album dedicated to the late rapper.

During a phone call with TMZ earlier today (Nov. 6), the 22-year-old rapper expressed his disgust for fentanyl, confessing that the drug was part of the reason why he stopped selling Xanax years back.

After paying homage to Lil Peep and others who have lost their lives to addiction, the “Betrayed” rapper touches on how Mac Miller’s death deeply affected him.

“There’s been so many great people,” he says. “In particular, Mac hurt the most. It definitely changed my everything, you know what I mean.”

Lil Xan then touches on his own sobriety, clarifying to fans that he’s not in rehab but is currently in a secluded forest “detaching from the world” until his new album drops.

“As far as my sobriety goes right now, there was a long period of time where I was clean but I relapsed,” he says, explaining how he understands where addicts are coming from.

He continues,“And that’s common. I think that’s where people relate. Any other addict would understand that that shit just happens. You just relapse; you don’t want to. Then you get clean again, it’s like a process. You need treatment and help and sometimes that doesn’t even help. It has to come from within, that’s what I’ve learned.”

He then shares that he’s not completely clean yet but is 100 percent off Xanax while he works to wean himself off other substances.

See Lil Xan weighing in on Mac Miller, his struggles with addiction and more in the clip below.

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