Things got heated between Lil Xan and Instagram influencer Supreme Patty at a nightclub in Florida recently. In fact, so heated that a drink and punches were thrown.

According to video footage shared by TMZ on Wednesday (March 31), Xan had a performance at Treehouse Rooftop Lounge in Fort Myers, Fla. on Sunday (March 28), which Supreme Patty also attended. The two men reportedly exchanged words and afterwards, the California rapper is seen throwing a drink at Supreme Patty, who later charges at Xan in the rhymer's VIP section.

It doesn't look like the police were called and the two men left the club after their fight. Following the physical altercation, Lil Xan and Supreme Patty took their issues to Twitter, which somewhat offered an explanation for how the fight even started.

Later that evening, Patty tweeted, "Lil Xan is a fucking pussy he threw a drink on me at an event we both got booked at & when I tried confronting him, his security pulled me away grow the fuck up."

Xan replied, offering his side of the story. "We both got booked?? Bruhh you came to my event, and pretended like you got booked for it 😂 came to my table and tried to drink everyone’s bottles 🌽," he wrote.

The next day, Supreme Patty added two additional cents to the story. Patty also lamented that he has been trying to maintain a positive image, but made it known that he won't tolerate disrespect.

He typed on Twitter, "I didn’t just run up on Xan when that all went down last night. Him or someone in his group threw a drink at me in the section, so I obviously fucking got up & tried fighting him kid is lame as fuck."

Supreme Patty added in a follow-up tweet, "I’ve been trying to be positive & keep a positive image for over the past year, but regardless of who it is I’m not going to take disrespect from anyone. Especially fucking lil zan."

The internet star went on to troll Lil Xan, posting an image of himself holding the Total Xanarchy artist as if Xan is a baby. Supreme Patty captioned the image, "My son."

Lil Xan didn't allow himself to be out-trolled and fired back at Supreme Patty by posting an image from Patty's 2019 MMA fight against Rudy Prieto. Patty was defeated in the matchup. The photo Xan shared shows Patty taking a punch to the face and added a capital L to the image.

Looks like it's Lil Xan's word against Supreme Patty's. Either way, see for yourself below.

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