Lizzo has just as much of a sense of humor as Lil Yachty, and she showed it by responding to the TikTok video the rapper made about her participating in the mustard and Oreo cookie challenge.

On Friday (Jan. 7), the Houston-bred artist posted a video in response to Yachty's humorous clip, in which he's grabbing both the Oreos and the mustard Lizzo was squeezing onto the cookies while doing the viral TikTok challenge. Including the part of the video of herself about to put mustard on an Oreo and Yachty snatching the mustard away from her, Lizzo added a clip, which shows her snatching the mustard back to put some on an apple that she's about to eat.

"Give me that fuckin' mustard back, bitch," she said under her breath. "Play too much." Lizzo then declared, "You wrong."

She captioned the social media post, "Excuse me, Mr. Boat 😤 @lilyachty."

Lil Yachty caught the new TikTok video and took his energy to the comment section.

"ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!" he wrote.

lizzo lil yachty tiktok apple oreos mustard
lizzo via TikTok

In a follow-up video, Yachty is seen snatching the mustard back from Lizzo and tossing it into a trash can. He captioned the post, "NO MORE!!!!!!!" Both clips can be seen at the bottom of this post.

The back-and-forth between Lizzo and the Atlanta rapper is clearly all in fun, but it all started when Lizzo posted a video to her TikTok last week of herself joining in on the mustard on Oreos challenge.

She shared the short clip of herself, seemingly perplexed by her taste buds actually enjoying the fusion of tart and sweet, and captioned the video, "Tiktok made me try mustard & oreos."

Shortly after, Yachty playfully made a video of his own, disapproving of Lizzo putting the condiment on the chocolate and vanilla cookie.

"Give me the goddamn mustard,” he told Lizzo. "You know this don’t go on them." Boat added, "You’re dead wrong."

Shout-out to Lizzo and Lil Yachty for providing some light-hearted laughs.

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