Logic gave some fans a scare during a recent show at Thrival Innovation and Music Festival in Swissvale, Penn., when he looked visibly shaken and walked off stage before later returning.

Last night (Sept. 29), he took to Twitter to explain what happened and admitted to having a breakdown from exhaustion during his set. "Tonight mid way thru my set I broke down," he started. "I walked off stage and felt like I was gonna pass out because I work so hard...I contemplated ending the show. But I didn't. I walked back out there and I told the crowd exactly how I felt. And I persisted."

Logic, who has admitted to suffering from anxiety attacks in the past, went on to explain how he's been feeling overwhelmed recently with work and life. "I'm constantly thinking about others but I need to think about myself. I'm super blessed but I'm working so much im not enjoying my work," he added. "So I must continue to balance myself! I love you guys and IM TOTALLY OKAY! It was a positive stress relief in its purest form thru music."

Logic dropped his most recent album, Everybody, in May. Since then, he has stated that his next LP will be his last. “That’s going to be the last one. Everything with my life has been so fucking serious and it’s been a fucking message,” Logic explained to Genius. “And that’s not to say there won’t be a message and whatever, but I just want to end everything with a really big bang and get the fuck out of here. Better to go out on top like Jerry Seinfeld, nine seasons, No. 1 fucking show in the world, over a billion dollars. I’d rather do that.”

Lo looks to be putting his efforts into the new label he started. Check out his explanation of what happened at the concert below.

See Logic Tweet About Needing More Balance in His Life Following Breakdown at Concert

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