After NBA players expressed their condolences for Nipsey Hussle, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors held a moment of silence for the slain rapper, who was a noted Lakers fan.

Before their game began last night (April 4), a moment of silence was held for the late rapper, who was shot and killed outside of his clothing store, The Marathon, last Sunday (March 31). The Staples stadium went silent after the announcer boasted Nip's contributions to the Los Angeles community. Prior to the game, LeBron James walked into the arena wearing a Nipsey Hussle T-shirt and a grey blazer.

“Just spoke with you the other day on text bro! Telling you how proud I was of you and how I was gone get you to more Laker games next season,” James wrote on Instagram on the day Nipsey was murdered. “Been A Stand Up dude from Day 1. May you rest in PARADISE Young King ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ This One Hurts Big Time!”

Curry and James aren't the only NBA players who have paid tribute to the late rapper. Earlier this week (April 3), Russell Westbrook dedicated his historic 20-20-21 triple-double to Nipsey Hussle.

"That wasn't for me. That was for my bro. That was for Nipsey. 20 plus 20 plus 20. They know what that means," said Westbrook, seemingly making a reference to the Rollin' 60s Crip gang Nipsey belonged to. "Rest in peace to Nipsey, man. I'm just thankful to go out there and compete at a high level, man. Thankful to have these teammates. Thankful and humbled to go out there and play the game I love."

Watch the Los Angeles Lakers' tribute to Nipsey Hussle below.

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