On this week’s episode of ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York,’ Amina is still contemplating whether she should take Peter Gunz back. “If this is how he treats me in a marriage, how he going to handle my business?” she questions. Her friend Nicole wants her to get a grip. “I know you stronger than this. Why you being so weak?” she asks.

Meanwhile, Tahiry, Lexi and their little sister Genie go to a twerking dance class and afterwards they have girl talk. She brings up Joe Budden and her sisters are giving her the side eye at the sound of his name. Later on, Joe reveals to his father that he’s ready to propose to Tahiry. “You have to change your whole lifestyle,” he tells Joe. “Last time, you had three women over at my house.” But the rapper insists he’s ready.

Peter is pretty much dead to Tara at this point. She says she is going to be moving with their sons soon and now wants her space. “What I want to do is be myself. I am telling you, I need my boundaries,” Tara explains. She says she’s tired of crazy. Thanks to Yandy, she’s now getting back to acting and auditions for her new film project. “It just feels so right to feel alive again and do me,” Tara says.

There is now trouble in paradise for Cyn Santana and Erica Mena. Erica brings her to the studio to play a new song for her girlfriend. “I like it,” Cyn reveals. She started to feel open to Rich as her manager until Erica broke the news that she kissed him. “My heart just dropped,” Cyn says disappointed. “Are you confused?” she later asks Erica.

“I don’t want to hurt you. It was just a kiss,” Erica claims. “If you gonna work with him then we’re done. I’m not doing this,” Cyn says putting her foot down. Then Rich walks into the studio and sees them arguing. But he doesn’t have time for drama as he’s paid for studio time. Cyn is angry she has to see him and says he’s to blame for their argument. Rich then bites back and says “he’s doing whatever he pleases." He kicks both ladies out of the studio and laughs at them.

In Saigon and Erica Jean’s world, they are looking to improve their communication for their son. Saigon comes up with the idea to move Erica into his place. “What better man than to seek romance with the man you have a child with,” he tells her. Erica isn’t buying it completely and wants Saigon to meet her dad first.

Peter is still creeping around sadly and tracks down K. Michelle to get the scoop on Tara. “While you figuring out what you want, time goes on. Unless they just idiots, no one wants to wait around,” K. Michelle advises him. He says he’s on it. “In due time,” Peter states It seems he has finally made a decision. “My life with Tara is coming to a close and I’m looking forward to a whole new life with Amina,” he rambles on. Peter takes Amina to dinner and puts together a special slideshow on a building with photos of their relationship. “I’m willing to go all in with Amina,” Peter admits. Well, at least that’s what he’s saying for now.

In the final scenes, Erica Mena tries to woo Cyn back into her life by buying her new earrings. “I don’t want to take from you,” Cyn says as she puts the jewelry box down. But Erica really wants her forgiveness. “I don’t understand how I can be in this relationship, while you’re working with Rich,” Cyn explains. She wants Erica to choose and if not, she’s moving on.

Erica ticks Rich Dollaz off again because she scheduled a choreography session on his dime without him knowing. They continue arguing about the night before in the studio. She storms out on him for the fifty millionth time.

Tensions are running high with no compromises in sight in any of the situations here. Explosions may just occur on the next episode. Stay tuned.